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Who’s eligible for our contests & Giveaways?

You must be 18yrs or older (21 in some jurisdictions) to purchase or consume kratom. When signing up for our giveaways you confirm that you are of legal age and in an area where kratom is currently considered legal. For now our contests are limited to U.S. residents only. Please refer to the Kratom FAQ on this site to see the current legality status of Kratom in your area.  

How do I win free Kratom?

Sign up with your email and follow the instructions we send in the followup confirmation email. We give away kratom across all of our social media accounts and directly to our email subscribers. Sometimes multiple times a day! whitelist our email & follow us on as many platforms as possible for the most chances to win. 

Is my info safe with you?

Absolutely, we use a secure email server and promise to never sell your information or share it with other companies. We look forward to welcoming you into our community, your privacy is important to us and we respect it. If you ever want to unsubscribe you can at any time and we will no longer email you and you will no longer be eligible for the kratom giveaways. 

It’s awesome you’re giving away so much kratom, but why?!

As an entrepreneur you’re always looking for solutions to make your life and other people’s lives easier. At Krizzurp & Co we wanted to give people the highest quality, lab tested kratom at an affordable price because plants & people are two things we’re very passionate about. After trying to advertise our business in the “traditional ways” we found that censorship from big tech and big banks made it nearly impossible for our bootstrapped startup. It was then we had an epiphany, all the money we were going to spend on advertising let’s just give it directly to our customers and people in need! That model has worked well so far and we are happy to continue doing it on an even bigger level as long as we continue to have your support.  

Do you only give away kratom?

No, kratom is the main product we currently sell so most of our giveaways tend to be kratom related, but we’ve also given away thousands of dollars worth of hemp CBD products and even cold hard cash to our subscribers via $Cashapp & Coinbase. We will be doing more cash giveaways this year and you can expect a lot of other fun ways to win even more! 

Can I learn more about kratom or purchase some from you?

Yes & Yes! Please visit our Kratom FAQ page or contact us with any questions you have about kratom or our products. You can purchase Krizzurp & Co Kratom here.

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